10 Security, Self-Defense and Survival Tips

There are many Security, Self-Defense, Security and Survival Tips and popular products to help you avoid being the victim of a crime:
1.) Be alert and be prepared to defend yourself and even help protect others from becoming the victim of an attacker and or intruder.
Keep your head up, and alert others that you need help.
Be aware of your surroundings. Attackers and thieves are known for preying on people who are distracted and looking down rather than up while out in public.

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2.) Vary Your Routines.
Predictability makes you a more likely target.

3.) Lock It!
Home, car, office – locks are your first line of defense, as are alarms. Below are a few popular and recommended security products to help you protect yourself, home and vehicle:

For your home and or office–

For your vehicle–

4.) Make Your Home a Tough Target.
Use floodlights, motions sensors, alarms, security systems, deadbolts, etc…:

5.) Foil Car-Jackers
Keep windows/doors locked, check mirrors and blind spot when stopped. Stay one to one and a half lengths away from the car ahead of you. Sound your horn and flash your lights if you think you are being approached by a car jacker.

6.) Avoid Car Theft
Lock it!
Use an anti-theft device.
Turn the wheels when you park.
Never leave a spare key inside the car.
Park in a well-lighted place.
Put packages in the trunk.

7.) Be Creative
Think of unusual ways to protect yourself and your valuables. Fire proof safes and also Diversion safes are a great way to protect your valuables.

8.) Be informed
Learn the crime trends in your area and work to protect yourself against them.

9.) Get Involved!
Have you joined or organized a Neighborhood Watch program?

10.) Don’t Give Up!
Crime can be reduced and at times even prevented with action, not apathy and also with taking preventative measures.

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