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At, we aim to inform you about the latest, most popular Self-Defense, Security and Survival products to meet your needs, as well as inform you about upcoming product sales, free product give aways from us or our partners. We’d love to hear from you! Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our Self-Defense, Security and Survival products, please contact us below and we will try to respond within 48-72 hours. We hope you have a very informative and pleasant shopping experience. On this “Contact Us” page, you can also sign up for our weekly newsletter filled with lots of great tips and suggestions on the latest and best Self-Defense, Security and Survival techniques, methods and products. You can also send us a message letting us know if there are any types of particular self-defense, security and survival products you would like to see available to purchase via our website. We always appreciate and welcome customer input to help us provide you with a better shopping experience. Furthermore, if you have ever fell victim to a crime and were able to thwart off an attacker and or intruder and get yourself to safety using any of the products shown and or being sold in our websites’ Self-Defense, Security and Survival store, we would love to hear your testimonial and feature your story on our site.

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