Important Safety and Survival Prepping Tips

No one likes to experience the feeling of being unprepared for any kind of situation that would require you or your loved ones to know how to properly and safely survive it.

First, if you are heading to the outdoors to go camping and or hiking, always carry water, some food and or snacks, a compass, a camera, binoculars, GPS, flares, pocket knife, proper clothing depending on the climate, a flashlight, a cell phone or 2 way radio for communication, tools or gadgets to help you start a fire and build a shelter, bear or other type of animal repellent and be sure to take a first aid kit and sunscreen. I personally recommend also taking along self-defense type products such as pepper spray, pepper foam, a taser and tactical knife should you end up being in a situation in which you need to defend yourself. Your safety and survival can depend on all these items.

For your safety and protection, you must always be aware of your surroundings and take mental and written note of objects around you, so if you need to describe your surroundings to someone else who may be searching for you, you will be able to give an accurate description.

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